Here is what some of our many satisfied clients have to say about Network Professionals

Diane T. – President


Excellent rapport with tenants – Charlie and his staff are always willing to assist with the needs of their tenants – no issues – no problems, all you need to do is ask.

Excellent facility maintenance and appearance – the building is well maintained, improvements and updates are made often. Excellent grounds maintenance – The surrounded parking lots and lawns are well care for during all seasons. Lawn care, mowing, raking and trash pick-up are maintained consistently. Snow Removal and de-icing of walkways are all taken care of.

Paul K. LLC

They say when it comes to real estate, it's "location, location, location." When it comes to the office suites at 1600 Providence Highway, it is "Location, Quality, Services."

When I decided to downsize my practice and become "semi-retired," I wanted an office location that was convenient to my home as well as the courts, but more importantly, one that provided the amenities of a professional office suite. I found such a location at Network Professionals.

Manohar S. – CPA, President.

Charlie is not only a wonderful individual, but also a great land-lord. I am very glad that I have made the right choice to rent my office space here at "1600 Network Professionals". This is a great location with easy access to Boston, Providence and Rt.495 & Worcester area. The management keeps the facility Spic & Span. I really like it here with all the benefits such as ample parking space, highly skilled secretarial staff, high-speed internet makes my life easy and concentrate on developing my business.

Dick M. – Regional Manager

This is my 2nd time utilizing NP, I can not say enough good things about the facility, and more importantly, his team - from Julie (off manger) and Nicki (receptionist), and his maintenance team who keep the facility clean and running smooth.

At a moment's notice, I was in business with phone, internet and secretarial services offered to make my one man office look and feel like a fortune 500 company. If you are looking to get out of your house and have your business represented well to your customers, this is the place.

Jerome R. – President, CMO

It just adds up to the wise and right decision: Well designed space, open public space, access of conference rooms and kitchen /lunchroom facilities, strong telephone and Internet access. Easy access to parking for staff and guests -All monitored closely by the Network Professional's team of experienced and tested support personnel, make up a proven formula for success.

Gerald A. – President

We have been a tenant for two years. I will strongly recommend to any professional in the process of finding office space, to consider this facility owned and managed by Mr. Charles (Charlie) Zarba. The managing staff is always available to respond to any request, promptly. The property is very well maintained. Each individual office is cleaned regularly and our trash is picked up daily. The high speed internet is reliable and very fast. The HVAC works perfectly. More importantly, it is always a pleasure to say "hi" to Charlie when in the common area. He is a kind man, always makes you feel welcomed and appreciates your business.